Basslures About Us

Bass Lures incorporates a team of dedicated bass anglers who specialise in innovative saltwater and freshwater lures, fishing tackle, and lure fishing equipment sourced globally. Each and every lure on our site has been thoroughly tested and is proven to catch fish. These include highly innovative lures from IMA, APIA, Megabass, FIIISH, Lucky Craft and Lunker City with new products being added on a daily basis to ensure you have the best equipment to give you the edge at all times. We have witnessed considerable changes over the last 5 years in the interest in lure fishing. The impetus for such changes have been led by Europe, Japan and the States where huge advances in innovation and technology have resulted in exciting new products arriving on the tackle market. Consequently our demands as anglers are increasing due to an insatiable appetite for knowledge and our approaches to lure fishing are becoming more defined as we seek out different ways of landing that prize fish. We are learning that lure fishing is far more than just a cast and a retrieve but about our reading of the water, the weather, the birds, tidal movements and ultimately choosing the right lure for the job.