Many of IMA's products are designed with casting in mind and a lot are rated by the distance they can be thrown. The new Hound Glide will no doubt give the angler the best chance of reaching the zone.

The first thing to notice about the Hound Glide is it's great lines. The tapering body, the pointed little face and the back loaded profile. The lure has two shifting balancers which shoot to the back during the cast, returning to a central holding area when the Hound is put into action giving an awesome action.  Typically the Hound should catch fish in the 70-100cm zone and is rated to cast around 78m!


Hound Glide

IMA Hound Glide 125F X1178 Nightmare


How far can you cast the Hound? Let us know.

Next up, and new in this week is the Roumba 'Wake em Up!' This little fatty has a great action; head down, backside up and tail slashing which will wake most predators up! Originally designed with FW bass in mind, we like the Roumba because it runs very shallow, provides super high levels of displacement and resembles many of our tubby inshore baitfish. The Roumba is fitted with three internal balancers, two static and one at the rear end to provide lots of momentum and wake creation. Despite being a little larger than life, the Roumba is a serious competitor.



IMA Roumba 009


Do these chubby lures work for you? Please let us know.


Video of the Roumba in action